Call To Actions - 4 Reasons You Should Build Your Landing Page Around Them

While you're so focused on getting your website or landing page off the ground, collating information, perfect images and layout, CTAs can often become an afterthought. A great Call to Action (CTA) can make or break your digital campaign no matter the platform.

Call to actions are what get people to click, sign up, buy, or enquire. A CTA is literally asking people to perform the action you want them to perform to move them further down your sales funnel and can be the difference between 20 and 2000 enquiries - that's a hell of a lot of pressure for a couple of lines of text!

For example, if you go onto a website to look at say, a new pair of shoes (Nike of course) you come to the homepage and it looks like this:

Nike Air

The image is amazing and the copy makes you want to know more - but like this it's just a statement, a user would just look at it and wonder where they can see the shoes and begin looking for the next place to click that will take them there - there is no clear CTA in the above image.

This has so much more impact:

Nike air zoom pegasus 33

It clearly and concisely tells the users what they have to do to see the shoes or learn more about the product - instantly improving User Experience (UX) just by providing a clear path.

Given that the copy of your CTA is incredibly important, we compiled a list of 4 things to consider when writing CTAs - with some awesome CTAs as examples.

1. Simplify Your Communication


With more and more people finding themselves short on time and looking for easy, simple transport options Uber's success speaks for itself. The homepage calls for passengers to sign up and the taglines communicate what Uber is, and why you should sign up - all in 7 words. The CTA communicates through one simple sentence that Uber is about convenience, that they will get you where you need to be - simple, just like an Uber experience.

uber call to action sign up

2. Personalised


Everyone loves a great deal, and people also love puppies. As a user I didn't notice that this was a popup, I was too distracted by the cuteness of the image - ultimately making it an effective popup. The CTA is equally as cute as the image, if not a little clingy (just like a puppy would be). It also reminds me of the Justin Bieber song that has assaulted our ears for the last year - but that might just be me.

Hubspot research has shown that personalised call to actions convert 42% better than those that aren't. By including a CTA that is as relevant to the user personally offering deals in my city (which Scoopon asked for earlier), i'm compelled to stay on the website and see what is available - hence getting the click.

scoopon call to action

3. Brand Personality

​Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club burst on the scene with its strong brand personality, displayed in their introductory video. Their website and CTAs clearly communicate and support the personality which is something along the lines of: 'I'm a man, we are hairy, and I know how to solve your razor problem'  - all this with an air of overt macho-ness and humour. Their CTAs are no different:

dollar shave club call to action

Great calls to action

4. Inspiration

G Adventures

G Adventures are a low budget, down and dirty travel company tapping into the #wanderlust in all of us. Their EDM CTA this month was:

gadventures calls to action

No pressure, guys we are here when you need us, whenever you need us.

And then, when you click through to their website you're hit with this beauty...

effective calls to action on gadventures website

Really, how could you not search?

The quality and simplicity of your CTA can determine the success of your landing page or digital campaign and should be at the top of your landing page checklist!

If you would like to know more, or need to find the best way to get conversions on your digital campaign - we can help you out. Shoot an email through to

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