Customer Experience Audit - One Step Closer To Improving Customer Retention

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Customer retention - having a group of loyal, customers who come back to you over and over is the holy grail for all businesses. Lowering your customer churn rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25 – 125%. They are some serious numbers.

But what does it take to retain a customer?

A seamless customer experience goes a long way to bringing customers back over and over.

Universally speaking we all know that a great customer experience is what keeps people coming back, and we can all agree that repeat customers are what keeps businesses in business – it costs 500% more to attract new customers then it does to keep current ones.

Creating a good customer experience with your brand from end to end – potential customers found you easily, details were easily accessible, informative and any interaction they had with your support team was positive. Customer experience is every interaction or exposure that a customer has with your business and if they are positive the more integrated and streamlined the more likely customers are to come back.

Auditing your customer experience to find weaknesses in order to refine and invest in your overall customer experience, particularly online and for mobile will bring you that much closer to retaining your existing customers. There is nothing more frustrating than having great customer service over the phone or in person and horrible online experience. Online purchasing can often feel clinical and lack that little human ‘something’ that you get in store or chatting with customer service over the phone.

Firstly, walk in your customers shoes. Try and buy something in the same way you would imagine your customer buying something from you online.

Consider the below points, assessing and relieving those pressure points and working to individualise your customer experience will earn you the best kind of advertising - brand advocates.

1. Website Load Time

Optimising your website for performance is incredibly important, not just for SEO but to avoid cart abandoners - if a page loads too slow on mobile, 97% of people will abandon their cart. If the page takes more than 3 seconds to load 37% of users will abandon their cart equalling a bunch of lost sales in literally seconds.

2. Mobile Site

14% of customers won’t do business with a company that doesn’t have a mobile site or app. Given also that m Commerce is responsible for 1 in 10 e Commerce dollars it pays to have a website that is both easy to navigate on mobile and responsive. User experience on a mobile website is stated as one of the most frustrating customer experiences, with 80% of Australians using and owning a smartphone it's gone past jumping on the mobile bandwagon, if you're not thinking about your mobile site customer experience the bandwagon has now passed and you're playing catch up.

Customer experience figures

3. Content

Content is the most important part of your website or app, if there are parts incorrect, missing or content has not been updated with product or service changes your customer experience is likely to suffer and they are less likely to come back to you if they buy something the first time around.

4. UX

User experience (UX) is literally the users experience with a specific product such as a website or App, designing the user experience involves mapping the user journey and how the user would navigate through clarity of design.User experience is at the crux of having a great customer experience, if users aren’t sure where to find what they are looking for they are going to leave your site. The user experience design process maps the journey of the user leading them ultimately to a range of options depending on what they are looking for.

Once you have your website sorted, its time to integrate your social media and EDM strategy to assist people with customer experience. But before you attempt to create an experience for your user, you should first consider the larger idea of how you can use user experience to help deliver a great customer experience.

5. Social Media

Social media is often first port of call for complaints– managing your community and providing useful feedback and information to people posting on your pages not only helps customers who may not have had a great experience and are now complaining on your social media pages, but also demonstrates to potential customers that you respond to complaints, with helpful solutions.

Add to the mix:


EDMs have an incredible power of conversions – a timely and personal email with a reminder of an abandoned cart and a 10% discount code why wouldn’t they buy?

Or even a nicely placed ‘you havnt visted us recently – here are some items you might be interested in based on their purchase history.

This of course is dependent on how much information you have access to on each customer to make specific email lists from your e Commerce store. If you build your e Commerce store however with these thing in mind the customer experience with your brand improving your customer experience.

A lot of EDMs come from an inbox that isn’t monitored – this is a big no-no. What if a customer has a question about one of the products in your EDM? Or even worse what if they’re having technical difficulties? They should be able to notify you or ask a question by simply hitting reply.


Someone visited your website? They probably use Facebook or browse other websites – Remarketing is one of the most powerful tool for recapturing and refreshing the memories of people who have visited your website, why not show them the product that they looked at and remind them how much they liked it bringing them back to your website.

There you have it, some of the most important and simple things to consider when auditing and attempting to improve your customers experience with your brand.

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