The Rise of Customisable Snapchat Geofilters

The time has come, heaven’s gates have opened and the Snapchat gods have given us the greatest gift of all – customisable geofilters!

Whether you’re launching a new menu, getting married or hosting an event, Snapchat geofilters are now customisable to suit every occasion and people can use them based on their location! All you have to do is design your geofilter, map the area you want it to cover and buy (and don’t worry, they’re a lot more affordable than you think).

customisable snapchat geofilter

What does this mean for your business?

You might be wondering why Snapchat is relevant to you. Well, it has over 100 million users worldwide and over the course of the day more than 10 billion snaps are viewed. This offers an alternative channel to communicate with your fans, at a fairly low cost.

Geofilters can be a creative and fun way to reach a different audience segment, increase brand awareness and engage your current brand community. Whether you own or work for a business, chances are that at some stage there will be an appropriate time to design and purchase a geofilter.

You can let your digital community know when you’ve released a new product, promote an event, or share your business culture and encourage interaction with a Snapchat geofilter. This not only engages with users and creates a sense of hype surrounding your business, but also amplifies the audience reached, as people can use the geofilter and send it to their friends.

To get started, what you first need to understand is that there are two different types of geofilters you can create, with governing guidelines surrounding each.

Community Geofilters

Designers, artists and any person with a creative bone in their body can create and submit a free Community Geofilter. These geofilters can be created for a specific landmark, school, city or the like and uploaded for the broader Snapchat community to enjoy.

There is just one defining factor that must be kept in mind when it comes to community geofilters, no brand logos, promotional content and business info is allowed on these designs.

On-Demand Geofilters

Similar to community geofilters, on-demand geofilters allow you to customise a filter to suit your occasion, whatever that may be. They are available for areas ranging from 6,096 to 1,524,000 square meters and can run for a maximum time of 30 days.

These filters in particular can include brand logos, however they do incur a cost, which is dependent on area you wish it to cover. Generally speaking, for an hour these filters cost around $5 per 6,096 square meters, which is pretty damn cheap if you ask me!

If you do opt to create one for a business, you must include the business name so that consumers are aware where the filter is coming from. Of course, they can be used for personal use too and are a great gift idea for birthdays, weddings and pretty much any other form of celebration!

If you’re not an avid photoshop pro don’t sweat it, there are online applications that make designing the filters easy - one of my favourites is
Canva, otherwise Snapchat has their very own online design tool too. Just enter the custom dimensions provided by Snapchat and then drag and drop your designs!

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Sofie Spelta Sofie Spelta

About the author:
Sofie is a Marketing Coordinator at Klyp. She has a passion for social media and loves to apply the latest social trends to her work.