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What is the Digital Revolution? To put it simply, it's all about digital technology changing the world. That shouldn’t be big news to anybody. We are all living in it and experiencing it right now in some way, shape or form.

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This week Google released their Daydream View - a virtual reality headset that is an upgrade from their Google cardboard. It has many apps available, more than what you would expect from a product that has just launched. You can even use Google Street view with it and get 360 degree views of International destinations without ever leaving your house.

We all heard about the guy who flew his drone to Bunnings to attend the sausage sizzle. This has caused a major upset with the Civil Aviation Authority and will spark a change in legislation. Civil Aviation Authority repercussions aside, this is just an other example of how the digital realm is changing life as we know it.

I think when we think about these products in a digital revolution it's hard to ascertain where we fit in. We have a fridge that can be linked to the internet, but how can that help me run my business? It’s a bit of a stretch to imagine bringing them into the marketing fold. But for example, virtual reality, which has been used by many organisations now, especially big organisations (obviously because you have to have money to invest in that kind of technology) are now using it as a very immersive source of content marketing. We’re all trying to involve our customers as best we can and if you can come up with a virtual reality app that provides an experience, it's a great way to immerse your customers in your brand.

Drones have been used, some of them in a very practical sense and others more novelty. Imagine lying on the beach and all of a sudden a drone flys past with a flag advertising something. That's a form of moving billboard and ones just like it are appearing across the globe. There are some very gimmicky things drones have been used for, one restaurant chain in America were using drones to hover above the table and dangle a piece of mistletoe encouraging people to kiss, unfortunately it was discontinued because it actually injured some of the customers. Evidently, sometimes you can take these things too far.

The digital revolution is about the different ways that businesses are changing and at a greater level how people are altering their consumption habits to accommodate change. Brands that we associate with the digital revolution are Facebook, Apple, Google, Alibaba, Uber, Youtube, AirBnB, Amazon, Lazada. These guys have really shaken up each of the digital markets that they operate in.

Digital revolution's also facilitate more than just business. It’s everywhere.

You may be wondering why and how digital is such a disruptive force? It’s because before digital there were really only a handful of organisations with enough money to actually create change. Now you’ve got so many more disruptors, they don’t have to be big organisations, they can be small organisations as it costs a fraction of what it used to and the impact is far greater. Most of the organisations causing the largest disruption are start-ups, they are just doing really exciting and interesting things that engage the audience in a way that has never been done before.

Eventually every business will need digital remastering in some way or another and you’ve probably seen things happening in your own business. Dominos is using drones to deliver pizza in the UK, DHL parcel-copter is in operation in Germany and SingPost have recently completed their drone trial. In large organisations you’ll probably get four phases of disruption going on at the same time, some of them in a big way, some in a small and some not at all. While we talk about the rise of disruption some businesses are still stuck in the past. Don't let that be you!

We need to be leaders not followers. You are leaders in disruption and need to use the tools available. A person who leads disruption needs to be persistent, collaborative, not afraid to challenge the status quo, open to new things and most importantly inspirational.

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About the author:
Fiona is a Marketing Account Manager at Klyp. Fiona plans, organises and manages key accounts to maximise their full potential.