Facebook Audience Targeting - Is This The Death Of Boosted Posts?

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Social Media is one of the biggest marketing revolutions ever, connecting organisations and their customers like never before - to add more value to the social space (as we so astutely predicted) Facebook has added an audience targeting feature aimed to give publishers a helping hand with their organic posts.

Audience Optimisation, introduced on the 21st of January 2016, is an organic targeting tool, designed to help publishers reach and further engage their audiences. Until now, the general consensus in the social media sphere has been that to get numbers you’ve got to have the cash - ads and boosted posts ruled, while organic content was drowned out.

The Facebook audience targeting tool will change focus to filling Newsfeeds with the interests of users as Facebooks' first priority. Testing in the US showed that this feature got similar reach for organic posts but all important engagement was significantly higher due to posts being served to an interested audience - there’s no reason not to give it a go!

Facebook Audience Targeting - Klyp A new targeting icon appears when Audience Optimisation is enabled

The update is broken down into three features: Preferred Audiences, Audience Restrictions and Audience Insights.

Preferred Audience:

Allows you to add interest tags to your post to let Facebook know which topics and subtopics are relevant to your post and it will prioritise content in Newsfeeds' to make sure those most likely to be interested will see it. For example, if you are posting about a music festival you would tag the organiser and performers to reach those who are most likely to be interested.

Unlike the previous targeting method - interest targeting - reach is not limited by the settings you choose in this section, posts are simply prioritised in individuals Newsfeeds' according to the likelihood they would be interested in your content.

Audience Restrictions:

Limit the demographics of your audience to prevent posts being seen by people who are not your target audience - this is an existing feature on Facebook, working to compliment the new Preferred Audience feature in excluding people who are not in the area of an offer, or who are not within your target market age bracket.

Audience insights:

This tool allows you to learn more about your audience using the tags that you added to your post. Engagement is measured per tag included in your post and shows how much interaction you got from the inclusion of each specific tag giving you a deeper understanding of those who are interested in your content and targeting them more effectively through the creation of content you know they will be interested in.

Choosing interest tags and demographic exclusions for your organic post

What does this mean for organisations on Facebook?

You will get to know your audience better than ever before! It will no longer be an ‘oh, this is likely to get traction’ or ‘ this was popular so let's do it again’ gut feel approach, this feature will contribute to the 'why' to everything you do on Facebook and give you invaluable insights into your target audience and beyond, after all if you aren’t appealing to the people you want to engage with, you’re not doing it right!

Set - Up

1. Go to your Business Manager Facebook Page

2. Click Settings in the right hand corner

3. Click ‘General’ on the left side of the page

4. Find the row labelled ‘News Feed Audiences and Visibility for Posts’ and click ‘Edit’.

5. Select the box that allows you to begin using the feature


  • Stronger engagement means a stronger following and ultimately follower loyalty
  • Knowing your audience better than ever before, and having the data a prove it!
  • Reach is not limited, posts are simply prioritized based on interests
  • The ability to create targeted and relevant content for your audience.

There's no reason not to give it a go, we will be!

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