Internet of Things - How technology is changing the way we purchase online

Internet of Things - how purchasing is changing

The way they people buy online and offline is constantly evolving – there really isn’t any way now to avoid having a digital presence and not miss out on business because of it. On the plus side, it's so much easier to reach your target audience in coordinated campaigns - the best part about online is the options to reach people creatively and at the right time are never ending. Given this, the way that people buy has changed, as have the ways that businesses offer their services.
Purchasing, up until the take off of online retail always involved getting to the shops to buy what you need from a selection of products and then taking your purchase home. E Commerce has taken the annoying parts like leaving the house and looking fit to be seen in public out of the equation and reduced it down the essential action - buying.

This brings me to the growing number of businesses utilising instant, subscription and automated purchasing. What are they and what is the difference you may ask? I’ll elaborate.

Instant Purchasing

Instant Purchasing is when someone thinks of something they need and they look to buy it right now, this very second. For example, I saw a shirt on a Facebook ad that i had to buy right now, I click on the ad, find the my size and buy the item then and there. This is also what we call in the digital marketing biz, a micro moment – a small moment throughout my day which creates the need for me to buy something right now – all the business has to do to get the enquiry or sale is be there.


We all know what subscription based purchasing is – when you pay an agreed upon amount for a product or service to be available or delivered to you each month. It's always been around for products like newspapers and magazines, but this model has recently been seen as an opportunity to expand on the traditional e Commerce platform and take it one step further. With services this may mean you pay monthly to have a subscription to Netflix, or you pay a monthly fee to have razors sent to you every month (Dollar Shave Club). Why it works? It’s easy. Set it up once and you get the product or service you subscribed to every month until you cancel the subscription. Simple.

It’s been around forever so why does it seem you can suddenly get a subscription to everything? Grocery delivery services, movies, TV, everyday items such as razors (Dollar Shave Club) and undies (Knobby).

The reason? Time is an issue for a lot of people, they work the same hours the shops are open and even when they are able to go to the supermarket or somewhere equally mundane, there are so many other things to do, more fun things - so why not get the mundane (groceries) delivered?

Automated Purchasing

Automated purchasing is literally just that - automated devices that will order products for you, you just have to set it up to get what you need when you need it. Smart phones are only the beginning of smart technology, you can now get an App that connects to your appliances and sends you notifications for when you are running low on something, or it can automatically buy it for you. You can also start your Whirlpool washing machine remotely. Internet of things (IoT) is definitely a thing, especially when powered by Amazon’s Dash.

So, the e Commerce we know and love is just the beginning, smart devices as they are now are like the Blackberry of the early 2000's - it’ll only get better from here. The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionise and further integrate digital experiences into our everyday lives and we are right on the cusp of the IoT revolution.

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