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SXSW Festival – 10- 20th of March 2016

South by South West Festival (SXSW) is one of the biggest innovation and technolgoy festivals in the world, showcasing the newest interactive technology on the market and in R&D. The biggest brands in Tech battle it out to be the best, while other smaller start ups continue to pose big threats to established brands making tech news around the world.

Here at Klyp, we are most interested in the up and coming 'little guy', the best of which are at the Innovation Awards showcasing the next big thing in technology - this is where you are likely to see that thing you wont be able to live without in the next 5 years.

Here are 5 of our favourites of 2016.

1. Quell

100% drug free, wearable pain relief sounds like a bad infomercial you see in the early hours of the morning, but this band utilises technology and customisation capabilities that wowed the judges. The device worn around your upper calf with the intention of being able to 'take back what chronic pain has taken from you' is the dream for chronic pain sufferers.

Sensory nerves in your calf are stimulated by small electronic pulses coming from the band, and those nerves carry neuro pulses to your brain triggering a natural response that blocks pain signals throughout your body. Unlike medication this is the kind of solution that can be used long term for chronic pain, taking away the need for medication.

The device is designed to help get people back into their lives, reducing pain and improving sleep and overall well being as the pain is reduced. The combination of technology and an app allows you to customise treatment to suit your needs and track your progress to better health.

SXSW - Virtual Reality

2. VR Film Making

Forget curved super high res screens and surround sound, submersive VR experience is all in the in the making of the VR movie.

The Mill team began with the intention of creating a real time VR experience, they set out to create a 360 degree immersive film using 4 wide lens cameras - but the real challenge was reviewing the footage during production.

The use of 4 cameras limited visibility of footage that you get in a linear film production, there is no way of seeing what the whole shot looked like before it went to the editing suite. The Mill team got together to create the first ever live action cinema software, Mill Stitch, which has the ability to pull VR footage from the camera rig and bring the images together to be reviewed on set in real time.

Mill Stitch de-warps the wide lens footage and stiches it together with only an 8 -14 frame delay from actual performance to stitched footage.

The software has the ability to change the way films are made while potentially decreasing production times, enhancing the film and the VR experience.

3. Lily

The Lily camera takes the go pro to new heights. Lily is a camera and a drone morphed together with the ability to follow its owner using a small GPS tracking device that fits into your pocket.

Probably the coolest feature of this product is that there are no controls, it follows a GPS tracking device connected to the camera via Bluetooth. To begin filming, all you have to do is throw the camera into the air and and it will take off filming and following you. It has 20 min flight time and the tracking device has the ability to select shots, take photos and record sound – all in real time.

So much better than a drone with a go pro taped to it.

4. Here

Ever been to concert and been disappointed with the sound quality or found that the bass was too loud and distorting the sound where you were standing?

Here Active Listening earbuds have you covered. The project began as a Kickstarter campaign, raising $635,189 USD with 2,855 backers as of July 2015. here allows you to listen to the world around you through the earbuds and have the ability to fine tune what you hear using an app on your phone.

The app has settings that allows you to apply noise amplifying, cancelling or filter settings to the outside world. It allows you to be in a busy environment in near silence, while other settings allow you to amplify human voices over other sounds. Filtering settings allow you to augment music travelling through the ear buds to your own personal preferences. using Here earpieces and the associated App, you have the ability to apply your own personal overlay on reality.

Here takes personalisation to a whole new level, reviews compare the listening experience to listening through normal earbuds, according to the writer the brain perceives the sound to be in “3d, spatially and delightfully accurate” - a kind of virtual reality for your ears.

The only things that Here doesn’t do at this point is play music and answer phone calls – something we feel would make the buds even more useful and user friendly in future versions.

5. Wevolver

Is a sharing platform for Hardware, it aims to empower people to create and share projects, borrowing from the idea of open software.People upload their ideas and blueprints and can form teams to create new technology, sharing all the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully build a project.

The category that Wevolover won an award for was 3D Printing, a team formed using the Wevolver platform to create moving prosthetic arms for amputees that responds to electrical impulses through the arm.

Wevolver created a space where innovation and collaboration manifest to find solutions not just with engineers and product designers but with people who would use the product such as students or end users. It also allows people access to technology that they wouldn’t necessarily have access to in order to bring their ideas to life, fostering innovation.

SXSW is one of the greatest innovation showcases in the world, we cant wait to see what tech news they have in store for us next year!

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