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Google Partners event - Klyp

Recently we held a Google Partners Event at our office, there were some really interesting and valuable marketing strategy takeaways for businesses of all sizes, so we thought we would share with those of you who couldn't make it!

The presentation centres around the idea of micro moments, 82% of people who have a smartphone report having used their phones to find businesses in their local area and 'near me' searches are up 50% in the last 12 months showing that the trend of using mobile to find what people need at the time they need it is rising - and fast. There are many gaps still in the space of finding specific items when someone is looking for them, illustrated by Leo's search for a phone holder for his car in the below video. The adage that Google uses is 'We don't go online - We live online' and this is becoming more and more prevalent with the popularity of mobile phones and harnessing this effectively in your marketing strategy will set you apart from your competitors.

Google's Micro-Moments: I want to go

The moment that triggers most searches on mobile is what Google calls a Micro-Moment : when someone has a thought or conversation that makes them perform a search for a certain service or product. This is the kind of moment that businesses can capture and use to their advantage using Google My Business, Paid Search Marketing, capturing users interest when they are thinking of your product or service and are therefore more likely to convert. 

Google's Micro-Moments : Triggers for going online

The average person checks their phone 150 times per day, this proves not only that getting anything done is more of a chore than ever and our reliance on mobile, again reinforcing that digital is more than important for businesses, particularly small businesses than ever before and if you're not there - you're missing out big time. 

Businesses could integrate the idea of Micro-Moments into their digital marketing strategy to ensure that they are there when people need them.

A potential customer for a lucky business is Leo. He is was looking for a phone holder to fit his Jeep, but had trouble finding what it was that he needed in that Micro-Moment. He will continue his search but it's a loss for businesses who could've sold him exactly what he needed had they had the right SEO or SEM campaigns in place.

Google's Micro-Moments: the percentage of shoppers using their phones to locate a business/stores in the past 6 months

The concept of Micro Moments stresses that having a presence where users might need you is the key to having a successful digital presence. Google products are either free like Google Maps or Paid Per Click (PPC) campaign - and even then you can say how much you want to pay for clicks before they happen. Online options aren't static and you have the ability to optimise based on inbuilt analytics as well as having a lower cost and be more targeted than traditional forms of advertising. 

The growth of online means that your website is often the first port of call, the new shop front, for people looking for businesses and mobile is changing the way we search making it more instant and imperative that businesses have their ducks in a row for people to find them when they are needed.

For businesses hoping to drive traffic to their website and get sales there is no better way of doing it than making sure all your digital channels are covered - you won't get many sales from just having a website without any further investment, you need to invest in driving people to your website to ensure you get the all important sales.

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